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Gleason Video Productions is a family owned business.  Our founder, Dave Gleason, built this company out of a passion for film and a motto in life to never give up.  We strive to meet Mr. Gleason's challenge: "Keep the Shark Moving".   Even if you are looking for a type of video we haven't yet produced, we promise to put forth every effort to create a video that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in creating top of the line videos to compliment our customers' visions. The best type of knowledge is that gained from experience - and we have a lot of experience! 
    We have been serving the Kansas City area for over 15 years. The company started with just one video camera and a desire to capture events to entertain the family. Our first projects consisted mainly of sports highlight videos for all kinds of children's sports.   Now, Kansas City Wedding Videography has become a staple in our production and our products get better and more glamorous every year!  We are now also offering photography packages that give you the copyrights to your wedding pictures for free!
    Our company has grown through interest in other areas of Video Production. People started asking us to expand our services to include events such as weddings, school plays, biographies, family scrapbooks, legal events, and even ice skating!.  We also duplicate a wide variety of media, such as 8mm film, Super 8mm tape, and still pictures to VHS or DVD.  We take pride in all we do and will do whatever it takes to make the client happy.

What is the significance of the shark?

      When a shark stops swimming, it will drown.  When our founder Dave Gleason was alive, he implemented this fact  of nature into our business to remind us that we must keep moving forward no matter what obstacles we may face.  The speed in which we travel does not matter, rather it is that we are moving... period. 
    This fact is ironic because in 2005, we faced the biggest obstacle of all.  Mr. Gleason was killed in an automobile accident in Liberty, MO sitting at a stoplight.  A bus lost control and collided with him and another man, killing them both instantly.  As difficult as a challenge this posed to our family, we knew we had to keep swimming. 
    The shark image above was designed by Mr. Gleason and is tattooed on every member of our family.  The business is now run by his two sons, D.L. and Dusty, his daughter Kristi, and his nephew Joe.  We are dedicated to keeping this shark moving and creating memories for our customers that will last them a lifetime.


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