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Kansas City Video Production:


Weddings have become one of our specialties. With nearly 200 weddings in the last 10 years, we are ready for anything that could possibly happen on your big day. We are constantly evolving to keep up with technology trends. Our most recent addition is a 1080P same-day slideshow that we display at your reception. It includes photos and video from the previous events of the day. With multiple camera angles, wireless mics for vows, fluid head tripods, on camera lighting, top of the line editing programs, HD cameras, blu ray production... you couldn't get a better product for your money.



Live Events:

Over the years we have filmed everything from dance recitals and cheer-leading competitions,  to corporate luncheons and cultural friendship dinners. Our multi camera production flows seamlessly. We feel comfortable filming any event and know that the finished product will please the intended audience.


Business Promotion and Training:

Every business can benefit from an informational or personal video that describes its competencies to new customers. Our portfolio includes gyms, combat training, corporate marketing, farm equipment, information technology companies, all the way down to a mobile rock mining station for children. We capture the essence of a business and put it into a concise, creative form that is both informational and entertaining. Putting these videos on websites also boosts Google rankings! Clients include Red Cross, Truman Medical Center, KCP&L, Sports Associated Inc., Boehringer/Ingelheim, Star Medical and others.


Short Films:

Currently, this category consists of small projects we have done on the side for our own enjoyment, but we wish to grow this category to include outside artists who need production of their script. Film is our passion and we hope to keep producing bigger and bigger pieces as time goes on.



In short, there is nothing that we can't produce.  As we grow and our equipment inventory increases, our productions will reach larger scales. If you are a company concerned about the stripes we have earned, just know that some of our best work is created when a new challenge is presented to us. We keep our shark moving and truly believe there is no project, (short of major motion pictures), that we cannot complete to our customer's satisfaction.

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